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When the Traditional Yoga Association was set up in 2002 to continue the work and teaching of the Himalayan monk Swami Venkatesananda, it created the MUKTI Project as part of its work.  It became the means whereby the founders and teachers could express Karma Yoga ~ the devoted giving of one’s energy and commitment to the needs of the time.

TYA website : http://www.traditionalyoga.org/index.html

Garuda is inspired by Bharatanatyam dance, Yoga and Pilates to create an extraordinary and intelligent system of movement.   When James D’Silva, founder of the amazing Garuda Studio heard about the MUKTI Project, he immediately committed himself and his international following to helping and for the past 10 years has involved Garuda in Mukti’s various fund-raising efforts. 

Find out more about Garuda at: https://www.thegaruda.net/



Documentaries and films about the plight of street children all over the world always breaks our hearts.  Social worker, Veena Lal, who had been working with the street children of Delhi for many years, acted on those feelings.  She set up a home with a difference: the children would have the major voice in the decision-making of the home ~ it would, quite literally, be their home.  Mukti supporters, our Yoga teachers and friends have visited Karm Marg and always come away inspired by these courageous kids and what they are doing to change their lives.

During the 17 years we have been sponsoring KM, MUKTI has contributed £297,000.

Find out more about Karm Marg here: https://www.karmmarg.com/about-us/


Naz means pride and the Naz care home was set up as the initial pandemic of AIDS swept the world and infected children were being abandoned.  It is a model home providing 24 hour medical care as well as an education and a loving environment for these children.

During the 15 years we have been sponsoring Naz, MUKTI has contributed £145,000.

Find out more about Naz here: https://www.nazindia.org/nazcare-home/

To see the past and current projects, go to the MUKTI website:   www.traditionalyoga.org/mukti/

YOUR MONEY GOES TO THOSE WHO NEED IT.  MUKTI is a project of the TYA.  All the funds raised for it are ring-fenced and no-one working for it gets a salary.




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Our Beneficiaries

With MUKTI friends and supporters, over the years, we have supported following deserving organisations

Small sample of our past Fund Raising Events

Garuda's James D'Silva on the mat

11:00AM-01:00PM Online

A lovely Sunday morning enjoying a revitalising & invigorating 1 hour fund raising with Garuda's James D'Silva on the mat. Following that, Swami Ambikananda, discussed Pranayama and gave some introductory breathwork practices for 45 minutes.

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A Portraiture Date Night!

07:00PM-08:30PM Online

Yogini Laura Truesdale who runs successful art courses through her academy, Brushtrokes Courses, did an online one-night special for Mukti.

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Yogini Laura knew that once lockdown came into force, our fund-raising would suffer a blow. She then went into action. She opened a ‘Just Giving’ page and requested donations for her hair-shave. In the process she raised a whopping £1,280 and all the funds came to Mukti.

See her after the hair-shave